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BDBusy is a ship script which periodically reads a block of data from a random offset of a block device. The intent is to keep the device busy without affecting its performance. Some low-power hard drives are designed to spin down and park their heads after only 5 seconds of inactivity, and in a RAID configuration this can cause excessive parking and lead to an early failure.


Installation is a short and a simple download then extract procedure. First become root:
   # su
Change to /tmp and download the latest tarball:
   # cd /tmp
   # wget ""
Extract the script into /usr/bin:
   # tar xvzf bdbusy- -C /usr/bin
Remove the tarball:
   # rm bdbusy-*.tar.gz


BDBusy currently does not reference an external config file so to change the settings simply edit the script and change these 3 variables:
  BLOCKS="256" #1MB
Then to run the script, simply pass it the devices you wish to keep busy:
  # bdbusy /dev/sda
  Reading 256 blocks from '/dev/sda' starting at block 20615870... Done.
  Reading 256 blocks from '/dev/sda' starting at block 11515810... Done.
  Reading 256 blocks from '/dev/sda' starting at block 47087368... Done.
On my Gentoo systems, I typically create a very short script at /etc/local.d/bdbusy.start which launches an instance for each drive on startup:
  for DRIVE in /dev/sd[a-z]; do
    bdbusy $DRIVE >/dev/null &


The latest version of BDBusy can be downloaded here: bdbusy-

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