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Modulus is a framework for web applications built in PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, and, SQL. It is similar in nature to Joomla and WordPress but built entirely by me. It provides the fundamental requirements for dynamic web applications and has facilities to allow radical changes to how it functions through a custom event handler. Modules can publish content on various pages, function as a web based game, track inventory, preform e-commerce, and continues grow on a regular basis as I add new modules. Modulus is already running several websites: www.asteroidpc.comBio-Cylce and is even powering right now.

Professional Development Fund Tracker

The Professional Development Fund Tracker (PDFT) is a web based application management system that allows teachers and principals to submit applications for funds to pay for various expenses. It facilitates communication between the Teachers, Principals, Superintendents, and the PDFT Administrator.

Applications are typically submitted by teachers, reviewed by principals, and either approved or denied by the PDFT Administrator. The system supports many application status levels which include: Pending Review, Pending Approval, Approved, Denied, Canceled, and Claimed.

PDFT also has a Funds page which links applications to Credits and Debits allowing an accountant to easily compare expected bank balances with actual bank balances and manually adjust the balance on the funding page in the event that they do not match. When applications are Approved and Canceled, the Funding page is automatically updated with credit/debit adjustments to reflect the changes that will occur in the actual bank account.

Initially PDFT was used in parallel with the legacy DOS based Fund Tracker and paper based system. Recently, it completely replaced the the old system and helped automate a very time consuming process.

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