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Abdvde is a Linux shell script that automatically rips a DVD with minimal or no user input. It is ideal for backing up your DVD collection to your computer.


  • NTSC and PAL support
  • Fully automated headless operation
  • Physical DVD, ISO, or VIDEO_TS folder as input
  • Batch mode operation: Encodes all titles, the longest title, or specified titles
  • Email notifications
  • Cached operation which dumps the DVD to your hard drive to speed up the encoding process
  • Bitrate calculator: Encode to a percentage of the original bitrate or to a specific bitrate
  • Automatic telecine and interlaced content detection. Supported methods are deinterlaced using the best available algorithm:
    • 24000/1001p soft telecined to 30000/1001t
    • 24000/1001p hard telecined to 30000/1001t
    • 24000/1001p randomly soft and hard telecined to 30000/1001t
    • 25p telecined to 25i
    • 30000/1001p telecined to 30000/1001i
    • 50f telecined to 25i
    • 60000/1001f telecined to 30000/1001i
  • VFR output. Experimental. Supported methods must be explicitly set:
    • VFR hard telecined to 30000/1001t
      • Currently only mixed 30000/1001t and 30000/1001p is supported. 60000/1001f support is planned.
  • Automatic cropping
  • Copy or re-encode the video stream
  • Rip multiple audio streams
    • Copy streams unmodified
    • Encode to a different codec with custom encoder options
      • AAC
      • AC3
      • FLAC
      • PCM
      • MP3
      • OGG
  • Rip multiple subtitle streams
  • Rip chapter information
  • Multiple container formats:
    • ISO
    • MKV
    • OGM
  • Customizable MKV Tags
  • Rip what you want. You can enable/disable:
    • Video streams
    • Audio streams
    • Subtitles
    • Chapters
    • Tags
  • Adjustable process priority


  • Mandatory
    • eject
    • libdvdread
    • mencoder
    • mplayer
    • p7zip
    • sleep
    • sox
    • x264-encoder
  • Optional. Missing dependencies that are required will be automatically detected.
    • mail
    • mkvtoolnix
    • subtitle2vobsub
    • ogmtools
    • subtitle2pgm
    • faac
    • aften
    • flac
    • lame
    • vorbis-tools


To install Abdvde simply run the following commands:

wget ""
sudo tar xzpfv Abdvde- -C /


Abdvde has two optional configuration files: /etc/abdvde/abdvde.conf and ~/.abdvde.conf. First the one in /etc is sourced, then your local .abdvde.conf is sourced so you can have a system wide configuration and user specific configurations. The config files follow shell script syntax to set variables and an example one is located at /etc/abdvde/abdvde.conf.example.


The latest version of Abdvde is available here.

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